Carpets and Upholstery Cleaning

Renewing the Look and Feel of Carpets in Your Danbury Home

Carpeting is a common flooring material for many of the rooms in your Danbury home. Over several years, and often without your immediate notice, continuous traffic over the carpets can trample the fibers, pack the backing material with soils and dirt, and sully the once vibrant colors. You might not even notice that this has happened until you go to move a piece of furniture that has not been shifted in years. So now you know there is a problem, so how do you resolve it?

DIY vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

You might get cut from the same cloth as many of our mutual friends and neighbors here in Danbury that want to take care of problems on their own whenever they arise. With carpet cleaning, however, the best that most homeowners can come by is rentable equipment that poses several unique challenges for the user.

• Rental fees
• Additional accessories to rent
• Cleaning solutions and products to purchase by job type
• Hauling the equipment from and back to the rental location after use

Professional carpet cleaning by our SERVPRO team can be a wise choice for your Danbury home for many reasons. By choosing our experienced technicians to help, you can get fast service scheduled around your life. We have an array of products and equipment suited to restore various carpet styles and soiling concerns “Like it never even happened.”

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We also offer a range of specialized cleaning methods:

  • Bonnet Cleaning: A less aggressive method for short piled carpets.
  • Hot Water Extraction: A deeper cleaning method for all carpet types.
  • Deluxe Precondition and Rinse: Helps restore deeply soiled areas.
  • Showcase Premier Cleaning: The most thorough cleaning method in the industry.
  • Dry Cleaning: When color-fastness is an issue.

Preventative Maintenance

Carpets act as a filter, trapping dust, dirt, gases, animal hair, and other soils. All carpet manufacturers agree on actions you can take between carpet cleanings to increase the life span of your carpet.

IICRC states that 79% of soil in carpet is dry soil. Vacuuming is a key component to proper care and maintenance of carpet.
Preventative maintenance actions include: 
  • Regular vacuuming
  • Spot removal
  • Pilating the carpet to prevent matting
  • Moving furniture to change traffic patterns
  • Using walk-off mats to limit the amount of soil tracked onto the carpet

Professional Cleaning

Our professional cleaning can address moderate and heavy soil conditions in your carpets. How often you’ll need professional cleaning depends on soil build-up, traffic, type and color of carpeting. A good rule of thumb would be to professionally clean your carpet every 12 months. The best advice is to clean carpets before they become totally saturated with soil. If you wait until carpets look really dirty, the carpets may never be restored to their former appearance. Dirt builds up in layers, and when a carpet looks dirty you are only seeing the dirt at the tips of the fibers. More dirt is hiding below the surface down near the base of the pile, causing damage to the carpet. When a carpet is saturated with dirt, the soil has penetrated crevices and has become firmly lodged.

We will get the job done right. For a cleaning backed by state-of-the-art equipment, over 40 years of experience and Professionals trained to the highest standards, call us today.

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